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About Chewie Cat

I never set out to open up a baby retail line! In fact, for many years I was working in the corporate world, my mind focused on work and client projects than baby feet, teethers, and onesies.

But of course, everything changed when I welcomed my little Oliver into the world. While I was home on maternity leave, soaking up every moment with my baby, I started getting frustrated with some of the baby products out there. 

So many toys and products out there were either made from questionable materials, really low-quality, or just plain not cute. 

It seemed like everyone was out to cash in on poor, unsuspecting mums who just wanted nice things for their babies!

But the idea for Chewie Cat really started when Oliver started teething. He would grab EVERYTHING and put it in his mouth. And everything that I wore got tugged on, including my jewellery.

I wondered if there were baby-safe necklaces out there. I found some, but they were either low-quality or just not my style. 

So I made my own! That’s how it started, and it’s blossomed from there.

Now my family has grown, and so has Chewie Cat! These days, we sell a lot more than just teething necklaces - from dummy clips to personalised teethers! My goal as always is just to make other parents’ jobs a little easier with high-quality, safe products. 

Chewie Cat is still very much a family business. My husband Tony is the chief knot-tie-r. Oliver even helps us package the products sometimes! My younger son, Oscar is just six months old (so, we’ll let him off for now, though I’m excited to have him become a tester and model soon!)

Thank you so much for visiting our store. We hope that you like the items here, but please feel free to drop me a line if you have any comments or questions.