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We are on Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch


Wow, what a day! Chewie Cat was featured as one of Steph McGovern's three 'Mum Made' businesses on her Channel 4 show 'Steph's Packed Lunch'!

The producers for the show called me last Friday - it was a bit out of the blue so I was really surprised to hear from them! I have been following Steph since her BBC business presenting days so I was really looking forward to going on her show.

I got picked up early this morning at 5 am as it was a 4 hour journey up to Leeds. Once I got there, the producers helped me to set the stall up. It was then a bit of a rush of rehearsals, taking photographs, and practising what to say! 

I met Steph at the rehearsals and she was honestly soooo lovely. Actually everyone on the day was really lovely - they were super friendly and really supported us throughout the day.

However, I was so nervous during rehearsals that when Steph asked me 'Why did you set the business up?' I clammed up and said I don't know! EEEEK CRINGE!!

A bit more practising later on the phone to friends and family, and I think I was a bit more prepared. I got some lunch and waited for my turn. I had to keep going to the toilet as I was so nervous! 

It was really nice meeting the other two small businesses on the show and sharing notes about what we were going to talk about. They are lovely businesses so definitely check out the Well Being Box and Chosan by Nature.

Finally, it was our turn, and I was first up. Steph came up and started talking to me and it honestly felt really nice and natural, like I was having a chat with a friend.

I hope I turned out ok, I was soooo nervous! You can watch for yourself here - the Small Business Market segment starts at about 57 minutes in. Let me know what you think! 

I am so grateful to Steph and the production team for picking our small business to be featured in this market. It is such an honour and I feel so proud to be featured. Although I have to say, public speaking is not really my forte and I was feeling so cringey watching my interview back! Ahhh glad that it's over now and I can have an early night tonight! 

Thanks everyone again and let me know what you think about the show! Kat x

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