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How To Choose A Personalised Teether

Are you feeling spoilt for choice? We can't blame you, there are so many different options of Chewie Cat teething rings to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start.

So, we've put together a handy guide to help you make a decision which we're sure baby will love!

Babies Up To 6 Months:

For babies up to six months old, we always try and recommend our smaller, more lightweight teething rings, so that little hands can hold and play with them more easily.

Coupled with that, many new parents are keen to have a teething ring which can be sterilised, so our 100% silicone rings are ideal for this, as they can go in the steriliser.

Recommended products: Fox, Dinosaur and Car.

Babies Who Like Textures:

For little one who like touch and textures, we some amazing products which help bring this sense alive!

Our cuddle cloths are super soft, have a beech wood ring for chewing, and are the ultimate multi-tasker; mopping up spills. Our cute little personalised wooden elephants feature our flagship silicone beads, as well as three crochet beads and of course, a wooden elephant.

For the ultimate in texture, check out our personalised crochet teething rings, featuring a wooden ring, crocheted animals, crocheted beads and silicone beads.

Recommended products: Wooden Elephant, TrainCuddle Cloths and Crochet Teething Rings

Babies Who Are Enjoying Bright Colours:

Once baby has further developed their vision and colour recognition, we have some brightly coloured rainbow teething rings which we're sure will be a hit.

Check out our rainbow range, including our Wooden Elephant, Rainbow Rings and our Rainbow Crochet Boobie Teething Rings.

Babies Enjoying Bells And Rattles:

If you have a baby captivated by bells and rattles, our range of crochet animal teething rings would be perfect; as they all have a little bell inside which makes a cute jingle noise.

Would you choose our Giraffe, Elephant, Dinosaur, Rabbit or Sloth? See the full range here





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