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Autumn Themed Baby Sensory Tips

Autumn is here and with it come so many fun family activities!

But this year might look a little different.

Whether you’re steering clear of pumpkin patches and Halloween parties or you just want some extra stimulation at home, there are plenty of fun things you can do with your baby to get in the fall spirit without leaving the house!


Check out some of our favorites:


Autumn Sensory Bottles


Who doesn’t love a good sensory bottle? Toss some autumn themed items, like conkers, spooky-shaped confetti, or acorns into a water bottle, close it, and shake away! 


Your baby will love watching the shapes float through the water. If they can grasp and shake on their own yet, even better! Check out this really cute one from Teaching Mama as an example!


Gourd Play


We know that babies love to explore texture! Why not give some gourd and pumpkin tummy time? Just spread out different sized gourds and mini-pumpkins on a blanket and let your little one feel, touch, and play!


Pumpkin Paint


Raise your hand if your baby never puts anything in their mouth? Nobody? I thought so. We spend so much time making sure they don’t do it, but sometimes we just have to embrace it!


If your little one is old enough, you can make some edible fall “paints” from pumpkin, apple sauce, or yogurt. Let them squish, explore, paint, and, yes, eat! 


They’ll have fun exploring the tastes, textures, and smells.


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What are some of your favorite autumn activities with your little ones? Let me know in the comments below! Oliver and Oscar would love to try them out.


Happy autumn,


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